Are you being true to you?

Do you know what lights you up?

Do you believe you could be living a more joyful and passionate life? 


Well, I’m here to tell you, that you ABSOLUTELY can!


My passion and talent lies in guiding women on a holistic level, to help them connect to their inner wisdom, unveil their purpose and to have the confidence to be their raw and authentic selves. Working with me, will help you create a life that lights you up, from the inside out. I specialise in helping you access your truest form, so that you can realize that you are your own powerhouse of wisdom, intuition and passion. I am here to help you understand that everything you need to live the life you want, is already inside of you.




you must conquer from within


Let’s reach into your beautiful soul and go on a journey into your inner world, where you will discover more about yourself than you’ve ever known before. I will help you understand how your beliefs, conditioning and perceptions are an absolute major player in the creation of your reality. Together we will breakthrough your conditioning, and you will be supported to create a more fulfilling and soul aligned life. Ultimately, this journey is about self-love and self-acceptance and I will help you transform your relationship with yourself and awaken you to who you truly are and the life that awaits you. 






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"Starting off my sessions with Sherie I felt the most low and lost I have felt in my life. Letting my past build up over the years with no knowledge of doing it, it came the time all boiled over. I felt every bit of sadness, unloved, unimportant, lost and unwanted. All these feeling flooded me from my past and present family abandonment and relationships that kept falling apart and abruptly ending. I always blaming myself for not being good enough to stay and always staying with people that were not treating me in the loving way I wanted and deserved, always  feeling and hoping maybe I’d be good enough for them to change and fear if not finding no one else..



|    LAUREN    |