Does the thought of

exploring your inner

world on a deeper

level intrigue you?

Are you ready to make

lasting changes in your

life and bring more light

and joy into your

inner and outer world?



This journey is by no means to be taken lightly. It will challenge you, deepen you and strengthen you.


Committing to a journey with me will have you delving deep into soul work. Consciousness Coaching™ is a powerful, yet gentle heart- based coaching process which supports you in becoming a creator of your life. You are educated to become your own inner coach.


This method goes deep within your subconscious mind where all your past conditioning comes from. We address how and why you show up as you do and why patterns and habits continue to play out in your life. This knowledge is the key in understanding why you then, don’t take the consistent action to change, that you know you should be taking.


You will be gently guided to expand your consciousness beyond these limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you, as Consciousness Coaching™ isn’t surface level work, it explores on a deeper level what is the root cause of what is keeping you stuck in fear and from being your authentic empowered self. We must conquer from within.


Once you are aware of the workings of your inner world, you will notice a dramatic shift in the way you perceive your outer world. This process alone is enough to leave you feeling empowered and in charge of your life. It is a subtle process, however the impact it has on your life will be changed for good. The benefits are permanent. You will start to align to the life you are ready to co- create. It is through this method of
Consciousness Coaching™ that we can together make this happen. 


Embarking on this inner journey takes, time, commitment (from me and you) we are in this together, courage, determination, strength and pure faith that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you are meant to do, to bring yourself home, home to who you are, to your raw authentic self that is more than ready and capable as showing up and living a life you created from the inside out. 

You can expect to experience the following:

  • Be more PRESENT and AWARE in all  your interactions with self and others

  • Be reunited with what lights you up and understand the importance of this in creating a life you ABSOLUTELY love

  • Gain a deeper understanding how your beliefs create your thoughts, your thoughts create your emotions and how everything is linked to energy 

  • Be ACCOUNTABLE for your own actions and be prepared for this to dramatically shift your reality

  • Learn to LISTEN to your inner wisdom, take inspired ACTION and transform your life

  • Develop self-love, self–compassion, self- esteem and acceptance

  • Increase your conscious awareness, raise your vibration and live your souls TRUTH​

  • Enjoy love in your HEART, understand the importance of FORGIVENESS and LET GO of what is no longer serving you 

  • A feeling of being lighter, freer and more content and HAPPY with life

  • Choices you now make will come from the PRESENT moment and be aligned with your deepest truth

  • Understand what triggers you, why and how to overcome them​​

If you are super clear on wanting to make deep and permanent transformation,

shift to a higher consciousness and expanded awareness of who you are, and

bring more light and joy to your world ...



  • Our session may unfold organically, as I work intuitively. We run with the punches and align each session to work with what is showing up for you in that moment.

  • My role as your coach is not about giving you advice on what I think you need to do, but rather to guide, listen and support you to come to your own understandings and realisations. Your growth, your time, your terms.

  • You will learn tools and strategies that will help you improve your life and uncover how to master your thoughts and emotions to make better decisions in the moment. This will then align you to achieve your soul-based goals.

  • Our sessions will be a safe place to be heard, seen, loved and accepted. 

  • Through deep intensive questioning, intuition, attentive listening, observation and feedback you will learn more about yourself then you’ve ever known.

  • Accountability – This is 100% encouraged so the work can effectively be integrated. We ensure that we allow the time and space you need for those shifts to take place. And be ok with that.


  • It’s where we learn to let our soul lead, enabling you to show up authentically and in your truth.

  • We may need to go into your past, however the  purpose of our sessions is to get you living in the now, understanding yourself on a soul level, in your truth and empowered. It is a journey about moving forward, driven by soul and taking you to where you want to be and living in alignment with true self.



cannot recommend this beautiful soul enough. I have been fortunate to have had Sherie working with me for the past 12mths.



Our journey has been beautiful and enlightening.



I am so much kinder and more compassionate to myself now and I have learnt to listen to and trust my inner voice.