Your journey is unique to you. Only you hold the key to your happiness. But, sometimes the darkness is overwhelming and it’s difficult to see where you are going and, that’s ok.


I’ve got you and you’ve got this.

I’m here to help you to turn your light on! It’s all there, inside of you, everything you need to live the life you want.

It can happen, when you are willing to do the inner work. 

Its starts and ends with you!

So, if you are ready to go within to create lasting change in your life, then take the next step, work with me and let’s get started on your amazing journey of empowerment, your passions, your joy and your authentic self and living a life that lights you up.

You in? Connect with me for a FREE 20min discovery call. Share your challenges and let’s see if my style of coaching is aligned for us both.

I’d be absolutely honored to guide you.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia and work one on one in person or via Skype.

10 years after I finished high school I moved to the city, started university, met amazing new friends, had unforgettable experiences, and endless opportunities. I met my husband in my last year of university and before I knew it I was in the workforce, happily married, living in Melbourne and forging a new and exciting life. Fun times!


When I fell pregnant with our daughter, my intuition was strong as ever, I just knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mum. That pull was magnetic!

As soon as she was born, I felt overwhelmed with a sense of love and dedication. I was exactly where I needed to be, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. That was certain!


We had our second child two years later, and I spent the next 10 years at home. Whilst I thrived in this role and delighted in the wonderful ways of these two amazing little people, there were also long days where the loneliness weighed heavily on me.

Have you ever experienced a sense of loneliness? It was a new feeling for me. I struggled immensely! 


For the first time, I experienced feelings of alienation and a loss of identity. I realised that I now relied on my husband for everything – finances, security, love, support and friendship. Imagine that? Complete shock to the system.


The person I thought I was disappeared, as I churned through all the motions as a loving wife and mother.


I felt the most enormous sense of guilt. I had the life I had always hoped for - a loving husband, two beautiful healthy children and we were building our dream house – yet in many ways I felt lost. How had I allowed myself to be in this state? I was happy and content, yet longed for deeper meaning and purpose.


I was a shell of my true self. I was living for my family only. I gave them all of me and left no reserves for myself.


Sherie Abela has spent the last ten years of her life dedicated to personal growth and spiritual development. Having trained for a year with the Academy of Soul Empowerment as a globally Certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™, and certified as a Reiki Practitioner, Sherie is fast becoming known for her ability to help clients shift out of old paradigms quickly. Her intuitive and heart- centred approach makes her a unique coach and energy healer. 



Welcome to my page. For some reason or another, I just get things. I’ve learnt to have faith in this ability and surrender to the process, for I know when I do, everything falls into place. 


In understanding this it has allowed me to work intuitively. As a trained Consciousness Coach™ we address all the emotional blocks that are preventing you from living your best life and supporting your authentic self by developing an understanding and awareness around your subconsciousness mind. This essentially allows us to get to the core of your true essence, who you truly are, which in turn ignites your own inner power and passions.


I’m your guide, support and confidant that is here to assist you in making lasting change in your life and ultimately creating a life you absolutely love.


I’m a firm believer that nothing is by chance and that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be at any given time. Our experiences are always here to teach us a lesson, good or bad. We are navigated via our internal GPS system to get us to where we need to be, to grow and learn. The secret is, to sit with yourself long enough and listen.