Starting off my sessions with Sherie I felt the most low and lost I have felt in my life. Letting my past build up over the years with no knowledge of doing it, it came the time all boiled over. I felt every bit of sadness, unloved, unimportant, lost and unwanted. All these feeling flooded me from my past and present family abandonment and relationships that kept falling apart and abruptly ending. I always blaming myself for not being good enough to stay and always staying with people that were not treating me in the loving way I wanted and deserved, always  feeling and hoping maybe I’d be good enough for them to change and fear if not finding no one else..


After my first session with Sherie I felt lifted slightly after hearing her breakdown of why I feel this way and understanding my actions. I began with my self affirmations, then to follow with putting some barriers up with people in my life. I committed to this every day, noticing a difference very quickly. From then I started to observe a situation and process what had been said or what happened and learnt to respond differently. The first time was hard as anger was usually my response, I stopped myself and followed through on Sherie’s direction and felt so amazing once I saw the difference in the situation dealing with it this way.It empowered me and I liked how it lifted me so continued with this approach in many situations and every time felt better for it.


6 weeks later still following these ways I feel like a new person, I feel happier within myself than I ever have and have brought my positive self back out. The person who walked into the first appointment is on the way out. I still have moments from time to time but feel so much stronger within myself, happier and confident for the first time I can say I feel true love towards myself and believe I am worth it. And most of all I feel proud of myself! If I can get through this I can achieve anything I put my mind to.


Thank you once again Sherie for your amazing guidance, advice and positivity, you have helped me so much I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find you.